The Rails and Trails Museum

The Rails and Trails Museum strives to preserve and display artifacts
and exhibits which demonstrate the heritage of the Bear Lake valley.


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There are three major collections:




These are just a few of the artifacts related to the Oregon Trail and railroad history.

The Rails and Trails Museum is located on the lower level of 

 The Bear Lake County Historical Society

Members of the board of directors are nominated by the current board and are appointed by the commissioners of the County of Bear Lake, Idaho.

The organization is dedicated to the preservation of relics, artifacts documents and histories that preserve the history of Bear Lake County. It wishes to educate children, adults, scout groups, and any others about the history of the Bear Lake valley, the early pioneers, and the economy and early government of the valley. It cares for the relics of the local Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) along with other loaned or donated materials.

Members of the board are made up of local interested persons. Each provides different areas of expertise.

Sherry Brown, Historical Society President, DUP Member, publicity, knowledgeable in computer and digital photography skills.

Jo Ann Farnsworth, Board Member, very knowledgeable in the collection and inventory of the Rails and Trails Museum, DUP Member.

Verna Jensen, Historical Society Secretary/Treasurer, interested in history and heirlooms, DUP Member.

Max Lauridsen, Board Member, historian and knowledgeable about local pictures and artifacts.

Jane Michaelson, board representative to the Oregon Trail Center board, interested in history, DUP Member.

Bill Parslow, Board Member, well acquainted with the people and the resources of the valley.

Virginia Jacobsen, Board Member, interested in history and heirlooms, DUP Associate Member, Rails and Trails Museum guide.

Dolly Craney, Board Member, knowledgeable in history collection, well acquainted with the people and the resources of the valley.

Angie Nelson, Bear Lake County DUP museum director


 For more information about the Bear Lake Historical Society, Rails and Trails Museum or the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, contact:

 Angie Nelson
Bear Lake Co. DUP Company
617 Lincoln
Montpelier, ID 83254
(208) 847-1232